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Founder & Director
B.E. Civil, IEI

Leading design engineering Subhash Bansal is the founder of SAA and graduated from Kurukshetra University in the year 1977. He has an experience of nearly 35 years in civil engineering consultancy work, embracing a wide range of disciplines and projects in many parts of India.

He is a leader in the engineering design of complex buildings and large scale developments that include educational, industrial, healthcare and residential projects. With a focus on integrated engineering and the use of appropriate technology, Subhash has played a hands-on role in ensuring the high quality of design and quick build ability. Clients appreciate his insight and passion for delivering innovative structural on-site and off-site solutions, which often results in giving entirely new vocabulary to the design.

He believes that building engineering should be a people focused, technically driven community that mixes communication, a clear understanding of building physics and creative thinking together to provide high levels of excellence.

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